Stream Schedule Change-up!

Hey! Just to let you know, real life will be crazy for me in the coming weeks, so I’m changing up the stream a bit. I will still be streaming every Friday night at 11pm eastern at but I will only be streaming ESO! There will be no Skyrim or Fallout 4 streams until June 16th. I just don’t have much time in the coming weeks to play ESO in my free time… so I’m dedicating more stream time to you!

My First E3 and Trip to LA!

Well, I’m now back home! Had an amazing shower and a much missed sleep in my own bed! Now to share!

The first day I got there pretty much no one else was in LA yet, so I just hung out setting up my battle station in the hotel and got cozy.

Elloa and Luna (TesFanGirrl) arrived to LA later that night so we checked out the Yardhouse for some good eats and some beverages!

After some much needed rest that night, we headed off to meet up with the rest of the ESO crew for some lunch!

A ton of us met up (and met for the first time in real life!). This is also where I asked for a ceasar for a drink and was given the most confused look in the world. I forgot they don’t do ceasars in  the USA haha!

We wandered around Pasadena, got some delicious coffee and hung out on some random grass until it was time to head to the Bethesda E3 Showcase!


IMG_20160617_145535 IMG_20160617_123647 IMG_20160612_181258

This was awesome! 11 of us managed to stay together so we could get in line together, and we scored 3rd row right in the middle! Perfect!

Although many of us expected to hear more news about ESO, we definitely were not disappointed with the announcement of One Tamriel!

After that we headed to BE3 Plus! They had open bar, tons of free food (including the biggest turkey legs I’ve ever seen in my life), Fallout 4 VR demo, Legends demos, and so much more! Oh yeah! Callia and I totally stood in line (pretty much the whole time) to get a caricature done!


…and I just realized the email with the download link for the caricature is gone. This sucks 🙁


Anyways, the next day we went out exploring LA!


IMG_20160613_151057IMG_20160616_120056 IMG_20160613_182402

And then off to E3!

IMG_20160614_160937 IMG_20160614_160504   IMG_20160613_130824


Hey everyone! This is just a plain old blog, nothing too exciting.


As many of you know, I have started only streaming on Twitch on Fridays. For the time being that will be the only night I stream, and if I have time I’ll just randomly pop on once in awhile.


As well, as of today (okay, technically you won’t know for a couple hours yet) I am cancelling “The Cave” let’s play on YouTube. I have have ridiculous troubles trying to record that game (it’s not the games fault at all) so I’m just going to stop, step back, and take a breather. I currently will not be replacing it.


Essentially, I’m busy. This past week I spent a TON of time in ESO – just to play. I wasn’t streaming, I wasn’t recording, I was just having fun. It was anniversary week for anyone that doesn’t know, so we were eating cake that gave us a 100% XP buff. I had an absolute blast, but it also put me behind in recording and everything. Especially with trying to figure out my new setup!


Eek, and that new set-up. I have it all set up technically. It works, but it could work better so I have been spending a lot of time here and there tweaking with the mic, the mixer, and more.


I’m not going to try in a new series next month, nor will I add a new stream slot next month. I want to get caught up and feeling totally comfortable with the amount I am doing now before I move forward. I feel I was adding things in too fast before, not giving my schedule enough time to sink in and have to deal with difficulties.


On another note, I’ve had great fun with my ESO characters! I’m thinking we may have a nice relaxing questing stream this Friday 🙂

New Streaming Schedule

Hello! Well, I have some news. Not exactly sure what kind of news it is, but it’s news.


I’m changing my streaming schedule!


Effective immediately, I will only be scheduled to stream Friday nights. This is usually about 8 or 9 MDT. It’s also normally my group night on ESO. Dungeons, pledges, PvP etc. I have a blast playing Friday nights and really didn’t want to cut it.


On that note, I needed to cut somewhere before I was overwhelmed, so unfortunately I won’t be streaming every Sunday and Wednesday anymore.


This decision came around due to all the stuff I do and the lack of time I have in life. Sometimes I had other things to do, and it felt like work to stream sometimes. When it feels like it’s work rather than fun, it shows. I don’t have as good of a time, and it’s not as enjoyable to watch and hang out!


With that said, it doesn’t mean I will ONLY stream Friday nights. If I’m in the mood I will definitely stream otherwise, it just won’t be on any kind of schedule. All that much more reason to hop in my Discord and follow me on Twitter, so you know when random nights happen!


I think this will be a good thing! I promise!

I figured out my niche!

The journey from playing games to streaming them was an interesting one. The journey from streaming games to creating let’s plays was even more interesting!


On my journey of creating Let’s Plays for youtube there have been a lot of emotions and lessons learned. It’s been a rollercoaster of having fun, to feeling like my content is garbage, right back up to a high. It’s crazy. I have had to re-record and edit six episodes for a single series, I’ve scrapped entire games, re-played a game to get caught up to re-record episodes, went through countless hours trying to figure out why suddenly my audio was fuzzy to it just magically getting better one day! (I still have no idea what fixed it…)


One thing I always heard about, was the need to find a “niche” for your youtube channel. Of course, play what is fun. The more fun I have playing a game, the funner it is to watch!  I imagine if you started watching someone who did racing games – if they suddenly switched to pokemon.. you may not be overly impressed.


I always wondered what my niche is, or should be. I had no idea. I actually prefer AAA games over indie titles, although as I venture out more I notice there are quite a few indie titles that I have a great time playing.


Then I just figured it out. My niche in Blind Let’s Plays.


This kind of goes against how my youtube channel originally started (Making guides for ESO) – but as for my Let’s Plays, it’s definitely it!


I then started to think about why that is. I know why. I hate playing games twice. To be honest, before I got a few short indie titles under my belt (due to youtube) I don’t think I’ve honestly ever even finished a game! I get distracted and move on too easily. So that’s why I do blind let’s plays. If I didn’t do them blind, you’d probably never see me play it… because I’ll probably never play it again.


So, I hope you enjoy blind let’s plays. Watching me figure out a game for the first (and probably last) time, grasping at the story as it unfolds and learning new mechanics (and keybinds!). I sure enjoy making them!

Steam Lunar Sale!

Alright, first I need to admit something. I’m frugal. Very frugal.

Steam has a surprise sale the last few days – “Lunar Sale”. I spent pretty much the entire time checking prices on if they were (or equivalent to) their all-time low, also having to take into accounts old flash sales (so they likely won’t be THAT low anytime soon). I nitpick and toss and turn over what games I really want. Realistically, I never have enough time to play all the games that I buy – so I try to ensure that not only are they the best deal, but also that they are top picks.

Here’s the games I picked up during the Steam Lunar Sale:

  • Fallout 4 (An extremely generous tip from Forgelune actually allowed me to purchase this! I’m SUPER excited to try it out!)
  • Borderlands 2 (I’ll be playing this tonight on stream with my first Co-host level gamewisp subscriber!)
  • Fable Anniversary (I remember playing a bit of this when I was younger and thinking it was SO cool my choices affected my character so much)
  • Alan Wake (that last time I attempted to play this at 10pm at night alone… I ended up shutting if off before the tutorial part of the game was done because I was too scared. I’m going to do it!)
  • Fallout: New Vegas (I know I heard Fallout 3 is better, but Fallout 3 doesn’t even like windows 7.. I can only imagine the pain to get it running on Windows 10)
  • ORION: Prelude (Picked up a 4-pack of this so I can do nifty things like give a gamewisp subscriber a copy so they can play it with me on stream!)

I looked long and hard and that’s what I came up with! I also took a few titles off of my wishlist so I could see clearer next time, hah!