My First E3 and Trip to LA!

Well, I’m now back home! Had an amazing shower and a much missed sleep in my own bed! Now to share!

The first day I got there pretty much no one else was in LA yet, so I just hung out setting up my battle station in the hotel and got cozy.

Elloa and Luna (TesFanGirrl) arrived to LA later that night so we checked out the Yardhouse for some good eats and some beverages!

After some much needed rest that night, we headed off to meet up with the rest of the ESO crew for some lunch!

A ton of us met up (and met for the first time in real life!). This is also where I asked for a ceasar for a drink and was given the most confused look in the world. I forgot they don’t do ceasars in  the USA haha!

We wandered around Pasadena, got some delicious coffee and hung out on some random grass until it was time to head to the Bethesda E3 Showcase!


IMG_20160617_145535 IMG_20160617_123647 IMG_20160612_181258

This was awesome! 11 of us managed to stay together so we could get in line together, and we scored 3rd row right in the middle! Perfect!

Although many of us expected to hear more news about ESO, we definitely were not disappointed with the announcement of One Tamriel!

After that we headed to BE3 Plus! They had open bar, tons of free food (including the biggest turkey legs I’ve ever seen in my life), Fallout 4 VR demo, Legends demos, and so much more! Oh yeah! Callia and I totally stood in line (pretty much the whole time) to get a caricature done!


…and I just realized the email with the download link for the caricature is gone. This sucks 🙁


Anyways, the next day we went out exploring LA!


IMG_20160613_151057IMG_20160616_120056 IMG_20160613_182402

And then off to E3!

IMG_20160614_160937 IMG_20160614_160504   IMG_20160613_130824

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