Affiliate Links

Many (but not all) of the links to items to purchase on my website ( are affiliate links. This means if you click on the link and proceed to make a purchase, I make a small commission.

What is an affiliate link?
An affiliate link is a link to a webpage with a little tracking code attached. This tracking code tells the website who referred the purchaser to the website, so they can pay the referrer for referring someone over.

When Do I Use Affiliate Links?
Generally whenever a game I post about is available at a store I am affiliated with.

Why do I use affiliate links?
They help me out a wee bit with the commissions, and in some cases allow me to offer you a coupon code!

If you’re interested in purchasing an item, using one of my affiliate links will help support me.

Currently I am affiliated with Green Man Gaming, a game website store that is not grey market, and often has fantastic savings! If you’re interested in checking out Green Man Gaming (and helping support me a bit if you purchase anything.. because this is an affiliate link) click the banner below and shop around!

Review Copies

Occasionally I receive free copies of games to review/play, though the thoughts and commentary in this videos, about these games, is always honest and my own.