Below you will find my Addons Spotlight series! This series is all about amazing addons for Elder Scrolls Online! I cover a wide variety of addons from UI, crafting helpers, immersion, and even addon organizers!

Harven’s Quest Journal Addon

Today we are looking at an add-on that all the story lovers should enjoy! Harven’s Quest Journal is a brand new quest journal that can be used along with the default one. Harven’s quest journal will keep track of all the quests you have, plus the ones you have completed! You can get details such […]

Fix Out of Date ESO Addons

Today I’ll explain why some addons may say out of date, and why you really shouldn’t worry about it. I’ll give you some simple steps to follow though to find out what addon may be causing errors after a major update to ESO, so you can at least keep some of your addons going!

Advanced Filters Addon

Today we are shining the spotlight on Advanced Filters! As you have seen, I LOVE simple yet super effective addons, and this is one of them! No matter what, this addon is always on! The Advanced Filters ESO Addon does exactly what you think, allows you to filter and search your inventory! ESOUI Link:

Wykkyd Toolbar Addon

Today we are looking at the Wykkyd Toolbar addon! This fantastic ESO addon is essentially a toolbar with a wealth of information for you to have at a quick glance! It can tell you how rich you are, to how long you have left on the last trait! I use this toolbar all the time […]

ESO Inventory Insight Addon

DO you have a hoarding problem in ESO? Do you have more alts than you can count in Elder Scrolls Online? This addon is for you! Inventory Insight is an amazing addon that allows you to look into what you have stored on other characters, in your bank, guild banks and more! You can see […]

ESO Photographer Addon

Say no to group markers in screenshots! Say no to multiple button presses for beautiful screenshots without the UI! Get the Photographer addon for Elder Scrolls Online! Today we take a look at the Elder Scrolls Online Addon Photographer! Although ESO does allow you to make a keybind to remove UI and to take a […]