Below you will find my stories and clips from dungeons all throughout Elder Scrolls Online! If I write up a blog post about my experiences, or upload a stream highlight from a dungeon on youtube, you’ll be sure to find it here! These are not guides on how to do dungeons, just my experiences in them.

Imperial Prison First Boss on PTS!

Here’s a video of myself, a guildmate, a fellow streamer, and random person I met on the ESO forums taking a shot at the new Imperial Prison dungeon in the Imperial City. Of course, Imperial City does not release until August 31st on PC, so this is on the PTS!

White Gold Tower Final Boss

Here a random group (including myself and the lovely Javawho) take on the final boss in the new White Gold Tower dungeon in Imperial City! Of course, we are on The Elder Scroll’s Online PTS. This is the normal mode boss, so I can only imagine how tough veteran mode will be! Oh, and the […]