Housing guides and videos for the MMORPG The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited. These guides are aimed at the complete beginner to help them get into housing in ESO, and see what all can be done!

Furniture Preview (Guild Stores, Merchants) – ESO Addon Spotlight

The Addon Spotlight is shining on Furniture Preview (Guild Store, Merchants, Inventory, Trade etc.) this week! This is a fantastic new addon that came with ESO Homestead! This addon will allow you to preview furniture from merchants, your inventory, trade windows, guild stores, or even preview the furniture of crafting plans! It’s amazing to have, […]

ESO Housing Editor Guide

This is my super quick guide on how to use the ESO Housing Editor, as well a couple tips for some issue you may find! Painting stuck in the wall? Can’t turn your lights on? Check out this video to find out how to fix that!

Furniture Crafting Guide

Homestead is live for ESO, and it’s an exciting time for crafters! Furniture crafting had come to ESO and it’s pretty awesome! In this guide I’ll show you how to get the new materials (bast, clean pelt, regulus, decorative wax and alchemical resin), how everything tie to our current crafts (woodworking, clothing, blacksmithing) and how […]

Where to Buy Furniture in ESO

Homestead for Elder Scrolls Online is here so I bet you are wondering where to buy furniture in ESO! There is a variety of places you can pick up trees, rocks, glowing skyshards and more cool stuff from NPC’s! Buying some furniture definitely helps you spruce up your new ESO house before you find the […]

Master Writs Guide

Today’s guide in all about Master Crafting Writs which are coming in the ESO Homestead update! Master writs are a new type of crafting writ in ESO that ask for specific items, right not to set and item quality. These are much more expensive than normal crafting writs to craft, but if you do it […]

Large Altmer House – Mathiisen Manor – Elder Scrolls Online Housing

I take you on a journey that is serene and relaxing… through the large altmer house Mathiisen Manor in Auridon! This is one of the many large houses available from ESO and it’s definitely a manor! I hope you enjoy the tour of this large altmer house as I preview the unfurnished and furnished versions! […]