ESO Photographer Addon

Say no to group markers in screenshots! Say no to multiple button presses for beautiful screenshots without the UI! Get the Photographer addon for Elder Scrolls Online!

Photographer - Screenshots WITHOUT the UI! | ESO Addon Spotlight | Elder Scrolls Online Best Addons

Today we take a look at the Elder Scrolls Online Addon Photographer! Although ESO does allow you to make a keybind to remove UI and to take a screenshot… this involves multiple buttons presses, and doesn’t actually remove all the UI! This is extra noticeable when attempting to take screenshots in a group! The ESO Photographer Addon removes the UI, takes a screenshot, and puts the UI back on in the click of one button! It also removes UI elements such as group member chevrons that the default game doesn’t!

The Elder Scrolls Online Photographer addon is definitely the best screenshot taking tool I have found so far! It also does a few more things where you can set it up to automatically take screenshots when certain things happen!

Photographer Addon:

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