Transmutation Guide

I’ve put together an ESO Transmutation video guide for you! Transmutation in Elder Scrolls Online is how you can change the trait on gear (weapons and armor)! I go over everything you need, how to get it, where to do it and more! I also have a matching written guide for transmutation that goes a bit more in depth about how to get transmutation crystals and transmutation geodes.

If you prefer a written guide, you can check mine out here!

Witches Festival Guide

Witches Festival

The Witches Festival in Elder Scrolls Online is here! You can grab a ton of cool loot, a double xp buff and more! I’ve made a video guide, but if written guides are more your thing – you can check out my written Witches Festival Guide here.

ESO Witches Festival Guide 2017 – Elder Scrolls Online Holiday Event

Plunder skulls, a spooky cauldron with a skeleton polymorph, new recipes, furniture.. and even masks!

Witches Festival Guide

Witches Festival

The Witches Festival is an annual holiday event in The Elder Scrolls Online! Lore-wise, the Witches Festival is on the 13th of Frost Fall, but in game dates have varied. You can get a memento, along with holiday themed loot and an XP buff! If you prefer video guides, you can check mine out here!

When is the witches festival?

2016 – October 13th – November 1st
2017 – October 20th – November 1st

How do I partake?

‘Purchase’ the free crown caller item available from the crown store. This will add the crow caller to your inventory. Go ahead and use it! You will now need to complete a short quest titled The Witchmother’s Bargain.

Where do I get everything for the quest?


Pumpkins can be purchased from any Grocer NPC for 150 gold, as well you can purchase them from other players. You also can find pumpkins on the counter beside the Vivec City grocer, in a cart in Maelstrom Arena (before any fights) or in The Rift as shown below.


Guts can be looted by killing any small creature. Think non-hostile critters such as rabbits and squirrels.

Essence of Death

The Essence of Death is something quest specific. You just need to go to any delve (that is not in Cyrodiil) and kill the boss. Look for a delve with the torch icon on your map.

What do I get?

After completing the quest, you will receive a Witchmother’s Whistle which can be found under memento’s in your collections screen. This whistle gives you an XP buff (2 hours) when used, and optionally can give you a skeleton polymorph. (2 hours) The whistle can be quickslotted so it is easier to renew your XP buff.

How do I get the XP Buff?

The 100% XP buff is given to you when you use the Witchmother’s Whistle memento. You do not need to complete the quest on every character you have. If you did the quest on one character, all of your characters have access to the memento. If you are in a group when the Witchmother’s Whistle memento is used, everyone in the group receives the XP Buff.

Does the XP Buff stack?

Yes! The XP buff stacks with other XP bonus sources. Keep in mind you cannot use a XP Scroll and Drink (Ambrosia) at the same time. XP Buffs that can be used are:

ESO+ XP Bonus: 10%
Ring of Mara: 10%
Grouping Bonus: 10%
Psijiic Ambrosia OR XP Scroll: (50%-150%)
Training Gear: Dependent on level, quality, and how many pieces worn. Only buffs XP from kills.
Alliance War Keep buff: 5% (applies only to monster and player-character kills in PvP zones)
Festival XP Bonus: 100%

Keep in mind that all XP buff bonuses are applied to the base XP only. Example: You have the festival buff and 50% Psijiic ambrosia. Let’s say a monster kill without any buffs will give you 50 xp. You will receive 125 XP.  50 base XP, 50 bonus XP from Festival buff, and 25 bonus XP from Psijiic Ambrosia.

How do I get the skeleton polymorph?

To turn into a skeleton for 2 hours, you need to use the Witchmother’s Whistle, then once you summon a cauldron, use the cauldron to morph into a skeleton. You do not need to be a skeleton to receive the XP buff.

What about loot?

Oh yes! There is tons of loot to be had during the ESO Witches Festival! During the Witches Festival you will receive a Plunder Skull every time you kill a boss. All kind of bosses count, group dungeon bosses, maelstrom arena bosses, world bosses, delve and public dungeon bosses! Oh, and dolmens! For instanced content (such as group dungeons) there is a 3 minute cooldown timer on Plunder Skulls. For overland content the cooldown appears to be 3-5 minutes. Plunder skulls are a container and therefore cannot be banked.

What do Plunder Skulls hold?

For 2017 Plunder Skulls currently can hold the below items. All items you could receive in 2016 are also available in 2017. This list is not currently complete, I’m working on getting more pictures.


Witches Festival Masks


The complete Hollowjack book is available, but is extremely rare.
Hollowjack Motif Pages


Witches Festival Recipes

Furniture Plans

Witches Festival Furniture Plans


Witches Festival Furniture
Transmutation Guide

Transmutation Guide

Transmutation has been added to Elder Scrolls Online in the base game update of Clockwork City!

What is transmutation?

Transmutation is the system in place that allows you to change the trait on gear. You can transmute weapons and armor.

What is needed to transmute something?

First you need a weapon or piece of armor you would like to change the trait on. You will also need 50 transmute crystals, and you need to have already researched the trait you’d like to change it to. For example, let’s say you have an axe in precise, that you would like to change to infused. You need to have completed researching infused on axes.

What is research?

Researching items allows you to craft items with a specific trait, craft set pieces, and transmute gear to that trait! I have a video guide on researching you can watch to learn more.

How do I get transmute crystals?

You break open Transmute geodes! “Transmutation Geodes” always give a set amount of crystals, while “Uncracked Transmutation Geodes” give you a random number of crystals (between two numbers). The higher quality the geode, the more crystals it will give you. You can get these geodes by…

Transmutation Geode Types to # of Crystals

Geode # of Crystals
Fine/Green Transmutation Geode 1 Crystal
Superior/Blue Transmutation Crystal 5
Epic/Purple Transmutation Crystal Unknown
Legendary/Gold Transmutation Crystal 50 Crystals
Fine/Green Uncracked Transmutation Crystal 1-3 Crystals
Superior/Blue Uncracked Transmutation Crystal 1-5 Crystals
Epic/Purple Uncracked Transmutation Crystal 1-10 Crystals
Legendary/Gold Uncracked Transmutation Crystal 4-25 Crystals

Geode/Crystal Drop Locations & Rates

Activity Geode # of Crystals Possible/Guaranteed
Normal Undaunted Pledge Fine/Green Transmutation Geode 1 Guaranteed
Veteran Undaunted Pledge Superior/Blue Uncracked Transmutation Geode 1-3 Guaranteed
Veteran Hard Mode Undaunted Pledge Epic/Purple Uncracked Transmutation Geode 1-10 Guaranteed
First Random Dungeon via Group finder per day (per character – normal or vet) Fine/Green Transmutation Geode 1 Guaranteed
Trial Weekly Quest (Per trial/character – normal or vet) N/A 5 Guaranteed
Battleground Leaderboards Unknown Unknown Guaranteed
Cyrodiil End of Campaign Rewards (30 day) Legendary/Gold Transmutation Geode 50 Guaranteed
Cyrodiil End of Campaign Rewards (7 day) Unknown 10 Guaranteed
Veteran Maelstrom Arena N/A 4 Guaranteed
Veteran Dragonstar Arena N/A 5 Guaranteed
Weekly VMA Leaderboard Superior/Blue Transmutation Geode 5 Guaranteed
Weekly Trials Leaderboard Rewards Legendary/Gold Transmutation Geode 50 Guaranteed
First Rewards for the Worthy Mail per day (per character) Legendary/Gold Uncracked Transmutation Geode 4-25 Guaranteed
Completing a random dungeon via grouping tool (after your first of the day – normal/vet) Fine/Green Transmutation Geode 1 Possible
Final Boss in Normal Dungeon Unknown Unknown Possible (less likely than in vet)
Final Boss in Veteran Dungeon Epic/Purple Uncracked Transmutation Geode 1-10 Possible (more likely than in normal)
Rewards for the Worthy (after your first of the day) Gold/Legendary Uncracked Transmutation Geode 4-25 Possible

Anything else I should know about transmute crystals and geodes?

Transmute geodes are considered a container, therefore cannot be banked, traded or sold. You also can not stack geodes. Once a geode is opened, the transmute crystals are automatically added to your currency. Crystals are a currency (not an inventory item) that is accessible by all your characters. No need to “bank” crystals you received on your main character so your crafter can use them. Everyone can hold up to 100 crystals at a time, ESO+ subscribers can keep up to 200 crystals.

Where do I go to transmute something?

You need to visit a transmutation station. There is one located in the Brass Fortress, which is the main city area of the Clockwork City DLC. You can also purchase a station from Rolis Hlaalu for 1250 vouchers, and place it in your home. If you have a friend with a transmutation station in their house you have access to, you can also use theirs.


How do I transmute something?

Interact with the transmute station and select an item to transmute. You will then need to select the trait you would like to change the item to. Crystals are automatically added to the ui if you have enough. Once you confirm your selection, the item will be transmuted!





What’s the catch?

Transmuting an item binds it to your account, so it can not be sold or traded. As well, an item that has been transmuted cannot be used to research a trait.

Can I transmute something that I already transmuted before?



If you have any questions about transmutation, please leave them below! I’ll be adding to this guide as I find more questions, and as we get our hands on this on the live server.


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