My Top 3 Favorites from ESO Elsweyr Chapter

As you know I was invited to zenimax online studios in Baltimore earlier this month to preview the upcoming ESO Elsweyr chapter. These are my random 3 favorite things!

1. Guild Finder

ESO has been lacking a guild finder for a long time. There was no official way to list your guild, or search for one! I’m so glad they decided to add one in the game! I have both a youtube video and a written article about this feature, so go check those out!

2. Magicka VO Set

If you play a lot of Elder Scrolls Online, especially trials, you will have heard of the Vicious Ophidian set. Though not used as often in a trial setting, this set is often use for VMA due to it’s great sustain! Finally in Elder Scrolls Online Elsweyr chapter we see a magicka version of this set available!

Thanks to ESO-Sets for the screenshot. See their site for the rest of the zone sets!

3. Necromancer Ultimate – Reanimate

This ultimate found in the Living Death skill tree from the brand new Necromancer class is a game changer for dungeons! This ultimate will actually resurrect 3 allies! All those moments where there is only one person left standing at 3% on a crazy hard DLC hard mode fight? Reanimate and see victory!

Give me your 2 cents!