Magicka Sorcerer – The Basics [Part 1]

Welcome to Part 1 of Sorc School! This is the first “ESO School” I am doing, so if you have any comments or suggestions as it goes on – please feel free to leave them on my posts, in my discord or on the videos of it!

This series will be dedicated to no-pet magicka sorcerer DPS in Elder Scrolls Online! Let’s dive right in!

What it means to be a no-pet magsorc!

To me, a no-pet magsorc is an easy class to learn due to it’s possibly very limited skill usage, but definitely has a steep learning curve once you get close to the top of the DPS pile. MagSorc’s are very aggressive in their style, but fortunately can stay a safe distance away from bosses and their cleave. In their top PvE form they don’t feel like they move very fast, but their rotation does! Magicka Sorcerors are very elemental – and very much so a mage.

What race do I use?

Do you already have a sorcerer in ESO you would like to follow this course with and learn magicka DPS? Then that one! Or whatever one you like! If you’d like your racial passives to help a bit, here’s is my personal preference of races from best to the rest. It is not necessary to have the first in the list – having one I care to even list will help out more than ones I don’t, but honestly, if you’re learning from me – you probably don’t really care about that 0.0003% difference once you get to high levels.

High Elf (Altmer)
Dark Elf (Dunmer)
The Rest

What to level!

So you would like to follow along with this course and don’t know where to start? Well, if you are just now creating a magicka sorcerer in ESO – be sure to level these skill lines up as a priority! If you already have a magsorc, be sure these are already leveled!

Must Haves
Dark Magic Skill Line – Fully – All Passives
Daedric Summoning Skill Line – Fully
Storm Calling Skill Line –  Fully – All Passives
Destruction Staff Skill Line – Fully – All Passives
Light Armor Skill Line
Mages Guild (Up to Inner Light)
Racial Passives

Great to Have
Mages Guild – Up to Meteor (ultimate)
Heavy Armor – Up to Juggernaut passive
Undaunted Passives (all)
Alchemy Medicinal Use Passive

Nice to Have
Medium armor passives
Provisioning  – Connoisseur passive

If you are choosing a route using any psijic skills, all psijic passives fall under must/great to have. For these lessons I will not be including these in my examples.

What to wear?

This list is huge because I wanted to give you lots of options so you could pick something that you can actually get your hands on! Definitely don’t need it all!
Super Awesome
Siroria – Cloudrest Trial (Summerset)
Julianos – Crafted (Orsinium)
Mechanical Acuity – Crafted (Clockwork City)

Infalliable Aether – Craglorn Trials
Burning Spellweave (I’m not actually a fan of this on Sorc) – City of Ash Dungeons
Mother’s Sorrow – Deshaan Overland

Necropotence – Rivenspire Overland
Netch’s Touch – Darkshade Caverns Dungeon
Destruction Mastery – Dragonstar Arena

Must be built around
Scathing Mage – Imperial City Prison Dungeon (Imperial City)
Spider Cultist – Fungal Grotto Dungeon

Spinner’s Garment – Malabol Tor Overland
Way of Martial Knowledge – Craglorn Overland
Moondancer – Maw of Lorkhaj Trial (Thieves Guild)
Literally any set with magicka bonuses

Levelling/Low CP
Seducer – Crafted
Lich – Crypt of Hearts Dungeon

Monster Sets
Ilambris – Crypt of Hearts 1
Skoria – City of Ash 2
Slimecraw (Solo Play) – Wayrest Sewers 1

VMA Staff (Veteran Maelstrom Arena destruction staff) (Lightning)
Asylum Destruction Staff (Fire)
Master Destruction Staff (Fire or Lightning)

It’s the little things…

Lover – solo play only

Witchmother’s Potent Brew.
Clockwork Citrus Fillet for the disgustingly rich
Blue magicka/health food while levelling – or if you can somehow sustain?

Dropped magicka pots when practicing rotation or questing
Spellcrit Potions (Cornflower, Ladys Smock, Water Hyacinth or Namira’s Rot) on test parses and difficult content

What to Help?

If you’re on PC, these are some key addons I use to help me on my magsorc!

Action Duration Reminder – AWESOME addon to help me make sure I keep my dots up! must have
Can I Horn? – Tells me when warhorn is active so I can time ultimates or just ensure I’m getting every bit of DPS out.
Champion Point Respec – “Profiles” of different champion points for general use and each different trial.
Combat Metrics – Tells me my DPS, uptimes and a whole lot more! must have
Crafted Potions – Colors crafted potions in my inventory so I make sure I’m using the ones I want!
Dressing Room – Helps me switch between different gear and skill setups quickly!
Dryzler’s Better Rezzing – Points on downed teammates and also let’s me know if they are being resurrected yet or not.
Kyoma’s Repair ‘n Recharge – Keeps all my gear is top shape!
Light Attack Helper – HUGE for helping you know if you are weaving properly! must have
Raidificator – Keeps track of all my raid scores
RaidNotifier – Helper addon for trials and arenas.
S’rendarr – Gives me a louder noise when crystal frags procs. (I don’t use it for anything else)
Show Global Cooldown – Helps you learn about the GCD and how often to press buttons. must have

That’s all! Now that you have an idea of what to use, head out and level your sorc up! Try all the different skills, practice weaving and just learn the class. Our next lesson will be focused on finger pressing – your rotation!

One thought on “Magicka Sorcerer – The Basics [Part 1]

  1. Good afternoon, Miss Bizz. I recently reviewed your four part series on becoming a “Magical Sorcerer 101” through your “ESO School” ( By the way, I enjoy your introduction and how you pronounce “School” in your intro to part 1 of your series.) It made me laugh, I recently went back to playing ESO online after three years. I played numerous MMO games ranging from Fantasy to superheroes. I have played, “World of Warcraft,” “Lord of the Rings online,” “Champions,” and also “DC online.”
    I recently began playing “ESO” again, after not playing it to my surprise of over three years! I was surprised that the MMO had some changes within the game, since I played over three years ago. As some people say: “Change is good!” Anyway, I have at the moment a male Breton mage, named “El Mouldo” he’s 11th level. Now, you might be saying; What kind of name is that for a character? Well, It’s a name that the former late night talk host “Johnny Carson” used for one his acts, that he did on television. He played a phony card shark, named El Mouldo. You can find the act on “YouTube.”
    I am trying your suggestions, regarding playing a magic user without pet support and its a challenge. I am using light, and medium armor, using a combination of different spells such as “Lightning form” and “Crystal Shard.” I had another character that I have make a enchantment that El Mouldo uses on his staff that provides 1200 magicka damage and restores 446 health points after each attack. In closing, I appreciate your work with you helping others in the world of online gaming and I hope that we get to meet one day online.


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