I figured out my niche!

The journey from playing games to streaming them was an interesting one. The journey from streaming games to creating let’s plays was even more interesting!


On my journey of creating Let’s Plays for youtube there have been a lot of emotions and lessons learned. It’s been a rollercoaster of having fun, to feeling like my content is garbage, right back up to a high. It’s crazy. I have had to re-record and edit six episodes for a single series, I’ve scrapped entire games, re-played a game to get caught up to re-record episodes, went through countless hours trying to figure out why suddenly my audio was fuzzy to it just magically getting better one day! (I still have no idea what fixed it…)


One thing I always heard about, was the need to find a “niche” for your youtube channel. Of course, play what is fun. The more fun I have playing a game, the funner it is to watch!  I imagine if you started watching someone who did racing games – if they suddenly switched to pokemon.. you may not be overly impressed.


I always wondered what my niche is, or should be. I had no idea. I actually prefer AAA games over indie titles, although as I venture out more I notice there are quite a few indie titles that I have a great time playing.


Then I just figured it out. My niche in Blind Let’s Plays.


This kind of goes against how my youtube channel originally started (Making guides for ESO) – but as for my Let’s Plays, it’s definitely it!


I then started to think about why that is. I know why. I hate playing games twice. To be honest, before I got a few short indie titles under my belt (due to youtube) I don’t think I’ve honestly ever even finished a game! I get distracted and move on too easily. So that’s why I do blind let’s plays. If I didn’t do them blind, you’d probably never see me play it… because I’ll probably never play it again.


So, I hope you enjoy blind let’s plays. Watching me figure out a game for the first (and probably last) time, grasping at the story as it unfolds and learning new mechanics (and keybinds!). I sure enjoy making them!

Give me your 2 cents!