May Channel Update

Time for another vloggy channel update!


So first off, Elder Scrolls Online has a new DLC coming out May 31st (for PC) and in June for console. This patch is going to be HUGE! Not only are they adding the Dark Brotherhood DLC with a new zones, quests, passive skill line and personality.. they are also adding and changing tons of things in the base game!


They are adding poison making! Wow! You will be able to create poisons using the Alchemy craft and use them in PvP and PvE!

Crafting Bags for ESO+ subs! No more crazy amount of mules, or moving stuff around constantly to craft!

Changes to enchanting! How you acquire your runes will be changing!

Removing veteran ranks! Yup, you read that right!

And a whole bunch more!

So I’m working as hard as I can to update my guides that have changes incoming, as well create guides for the new stuff coming in!


Of course, there’s also E3 coming up soon, and I have some crazy news for that as well!


I was invited to attend Bethesda’s E3 Showcase!!!!




So in June I’ll be travelling from Canada down to LA to watch the showcase, hang out at BE3 Plus, and meet a ton of the ESO Community! I’m so excited to go! Of course, I will still have videos being released while I am gone, so I’ll be recording all those ahead of time.


Expect June to be action packed with tons of new ESO guides out, as well any exciting news I see or hear from Bethesda’s E3 showcase!


You can see my vloggy channel update below!


MissBizz's May Channel Update! Awesome ESO news!

New Streaming Schedule

Hello! Well, I have some news. Not exactly sure what kind of news it is, but it’s news.


I’m changing my streaming schedule!


Effective immediately, I will only be scheduled to stream Friday nights. This is usually about 8 or 9 MDT. It’s also normally my group night on ESO. Dungeons, pledges, PvP etc. I have a blast playing Friday nights and really didn’t want to cut it.


On that note, I needed to cut somewhere before I was overwhelmed, so unfortunately I won’t be streaming every Sunday and Wednesday anymore.


This decision came around due to all the stuff I do and the lack of time I have in life. Sometimes I had other things to do, and it felt like work to stream sometimes. When it feels like it’s work rather than fun, it shows. I don’t have as good of a time, and it’s not as enjoyable to watch and hang out!


With that said, it doesn’t mean I will ONLY stream Friday nights. If I’m in the mood I will definitely stream otherwise, it just won’t be on any kind of schedule. All that much more reason to hop in my Discord and follow me on Twitter, so you know when random nights happen!


I think this will be a good thing! I promise!

Monthly Channel Update!

It’s here! My monthly channel update is live!


If you’re a Bizzygoat (a gamewisp subscriber) you already saw the video a couple days ago, but for the majority of folks it went live today! If you would like a sneak peak at my monthly channel update early, as well early access to my “short” let’s play on youtube you can sign up for the appropriate Bizzygoat tier!



This month it’s looking like I will be finishing Let’s Play ESO: Orsinium and Let’s Play Journal! That means goodies in the form of new Let’s Plays on Youtube and messing up my schedule!

Journal is currently my short Let’s Play and I already plan on replacing it with The Cave! The Cave was a game suggested for a fantastic Youtube subscriber quite awhile back! This will be my first Let’s Play on youtube that will not feature a facecam. The Cave will be taking up Journal’s slot on Saturdays!

ESO Orsinium isn’t exactly being replaced yet. I’m between a couple games I want to play next as my “medium-sized” Let’s Play so I have something different planned. I would like to build up my Let’s Try playlist! Let’s Try is my playlist full of one episode Let’s Plays where I’m just checking out a game and playing it, and will wait for you guys to vote on if I should stream it, youtube it, or forget it! I’m not sure how many I’ll make but hopefully I’ll figure out a good medium let’s play to replace ESO Orsinium with by the end of March! Oh, Let’s Try episodes will be showing on Wednesdays and Fridays!

Oh wait. What about Sunday? Sunday was an ESO Orsinium day too you know!

I’ve got a special surprise for you! Once ESO Orsinium completes I will be replacing the Sunday episode with… *drumroll* another Skyrim episode! Hoorah! You guys have been asking non-stop for more Skyrim and I’d love to be able to get farther in it faster.. so it’s coming! Skyrim will start having 3 episodes per week instead of two!

Speaking of Skyrim. One day, that let’s play will end. I don’t think that will be anytime soon, but it will happen at some point. I’d love to know what long let’s play you guys want to see! I have a poll up here on (look on the right hand side.. scroll down a bit maybe). These are some games I’m considering right now.  Be sure to vote so your say is taken into account! As well, BizzyGoat subscribers will be given a second vote when Skyrim is winding down!

Oh! Something I missed in the video. I’ll be releasing three new ESO Guides this month! The first one will be a new (and updated) Grouping Tool guide including all the new features coming with the Thieves Guild DLC, and a Quick & Basic Blacksmithing guide! The third guide will be released in late March and is a surprise!



What’s new with the Twitch stream? Well! I’m not changing a whole lot. I still am streaming 3 times per week (You can see my schedule here), and at the same times. I’ll be keeping up with the amazing Elder Scrolls Online on Wednesday’s and Friday’s, but will have a schedule of it’s own for Sundays!

First and foremost remember that The Elder Scrolls Online brand new Thieves Guild DLC comes out on March 7th! I’ll definitely be playing through this DLC on stream – as I won’t be doing a full let’s play of it.

Secondly, Sundays now have a plan! I’ll be alternating between Alan Wake and Fallout 4 for Sunday streams. I kind of hope I get my shit together and hook up my PS3 so I can squeeze in a stream of Beyond: Two Souls.. but that’s not for sure! You can be sure you’ll see some awesome Fallout 4 gameplay though, and some spooky Alan Wake!


That’s my plan for March! Oh, and my birthday is this month too 🙂

Steam Lunar Sale!

Alright, first I need to admit something. I’m frugal. Very frugal.

Steam has a surprise sale the last few days – “Lunar Sale”. I spent pretty much the entire time checking prices on if they were (or equivalent to) their all-time low, also having to take into accounts old flash sales (so they likely won’t be THAT low anytime soon). I nitpick and toss and turn over what games I really want. Realistically, I never have enough time to play all the games that I buy – so I try to ensure that not only are they the best deal, but also that they are top picks.

Here’s the games I picked up during the Steam Lunar Sale:

  • Fallout 4 (An extremely generous tip from Forgelune actually allowed me to purchase this! I’m SUPER excited to try it out!)
  • Borderlands 2 (I’ll be playing this tonight on stream with my first Co-host level gamewisp subscriber!)
  • Fable Anniversary (I remember playing a bit of this when I was younger and thinking it was SO cool my choices affected my character so much)
  • Alan Wake (that last time I attempted to play this at 10pm at night alone… I ended up shutting if off before the tutorial part of the game was done because I was too scared. I’m going to do it!)
  • Fallout: New Vegas (I know I heard Fallout 3 is better, but Fallout 3 doesn’t even like windows 7.. I can only imagine the pain to get it running on Windows 10)
  • ORION: Prelude (Picked up a 4-pack of this so I can do nifty things like give a gamewisp subscriber a copy so they can play it with me on stream!)

I looked long and hard and that’s what I came up with! I also took a few titles off of my wishlist so I could see clearer next time, hah!

I didn’t abandon ship!

I’m sorry! I’m really sorry. I have been completely neglecting this site, and in an effort to streamline what I do (and to show less neglect) I’ve changed a few things up!

Rather than writing a post for each new episode of a series, I am using each series page to showcase the entire series playlist! This way this will automatically update and I won’t need to manually upload a post each day!

My guides will continue to have a post written and added in the old way as they are not created nearly as often!

Rather than this blog being full of episodes I am going to try to write blogs about things! Whether it be recent ESO changes, my thoughts on a new gear, or me getting ideas or feedback on something I plan on doing! Don’t expect a daily blog or anything, but I will try to keep you updated!

I have also included a poll in the side that will stay up for quite a long time (until I’m done Skyrim) on what my next long Let’s Play should be!

I hope you enjoy the new format of the website, as it will keep everything much more updated! Let me know if there is anything you’d love to see one here!

December Vloggy Channel Update

Hey hey! So this is my December channel update. It’s not as exciting as I wish it was, but don’t worry, I will make up for it in January!

As you can see in my latest Orsinium episodes, my PC is having a rough time recording ESO. The footage is jumpy and gross, it makes it terrible to edit, and not as awesome to watch. I’m trying my absolute best to ensure the video’s are as good as possible, and will strive to continue releasing 3 episodes per week.

Now, since I’m having issues, these videos are taking more time and headache than normal, so unfortunately I will not be starting a new Let’s Play this month. However I will be releasing a very short Let’s Play series this month!

Oooh, and more exciting news. I will have 2 new ESO guides going live this month! Enchanting and Alchemy! These will be the “quick & easy” versions of my current guides. Once I have recreated all my guides into “Quick & Easy” versions, I will also be redoing the longer versions!

Now, remember how I said my PC was being problematic? Hopefully this will not be a problem at all come the new year! I am working at getting a capture card and other things I need to get a 2nd streaming/recording PC set up! If all goes well you should expect to see full HD 1080/60FPS videos come mid-January!

1080 video’s folks! Not only will they be 1080, but the video quality should also improve due to the game performance improving, since my PC will only need to run the game, not encode! I am really excited to make this happen, and want to thank everyone in advance who sticks it out with me through the possibly jumpy Osinium episodes. They will definitely get better!

All in all… expect Skyrim and Orsinium to continue through December at their current pace, expect 2 new ESO guides, a short LP, and who knows what else!
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