Stream Schedule Change-up!

Hey! Just to let you know, real life will be crazy for me in the coming weeks, so I’m changing up the stream a bit. I will still be streaming every Friday night at 11pm eastern at but I will only be streaming ESO! There will be no Skyrim or Fallout 4 streams until June 16th. I just don’t have much time in the coming weeks to play ESO in my free time… so I’m dedicating more stream time to you!

2 thoughts on “Stream Schedule Change-up!

  1. Hi Miss Bizz,
    Forgive me but I’m contacting you because I know I’ll get a faster an more in depth response then if I contact customer service.

    So I downloaded Morrowind and started to play and as soon as I did, all of my add-ons stopped working, and the ones that continued to work were consistently covered with an error message “pop up” approximately every 2 or 3 minutes if I leave the add-ons engaged.

    So my lovely gaming companion, can you tell me how I can get my add-ons working again without the pop-up error window plesssse?

    Thank you, sincerely… TJ aka (Chrono’s father of Titans)

    • You need to update your addons. Also press ESC and then go to add-ons and check “allow outdated add-ons”. Once you’ve done that, if any still give you errors you will need to disable that add-on until it gets updated and works

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