ESO Summerset Gear Sets

Here are screenshots of all the gear coming to the Elder Scrolls Online Summerset Chapter! Keep in mind these were taken during the first week of PTS, so some sets may change before this goes to the live server!

Overland Sets

Trial Sets




Crafted Sets (And locations!)






Rolis Hlaalu Changes – ESO PTS Update 17

Our friendly Rolis Hlaalu (master writ merchant) has had his inventory changed up for the upcoming Elder Scrolls Online Update 17 that is going live along with the Dragon Bones DLC! As always, PTS changes are subject to change before going live, but in the past Rolis Hlaalu’s changes have stayed throughout the PTS cycles. The only thing I would think may change is the writ vouchers Cost of some items!

PTS – Rolis Hlaalu Inventory

I didn’t include every Ebony motif page in the screenshot, but don’t worry, all pages and the full book are still available!

With ESO’s update 17 it appears Rolis Hlaalu now has an assistant! She is bringing back some of the older writ voucher plans, along with selling the new storage chests for use inside of homes!

I was unable to log in with my normal characters, so the template character didn’t have the required achievements to make them not red – sorry! Most of the assistants items required the “Unsurpassed Crafter” achievement, with the only exceptions being the Morrowind plans that require the “Voice of the Failed Incarnates” achievement.

Soloing a Clockwork City World Boss!

I was trying to figure out some crafting things, which involved getting the dailies done on the ESO Clockwork City DLC PTS! Well, of COURSE there are dailies to defeat the world boss.. and I was on at a super weird time. What better to do than just solo it?

Soloing The Imperfect World Boss in Clockwork City! ESO World Boss – Sanctuary of Verification

SECRET Clockwork City Quest! ESO PTS!

I heard a rumour there was a secret Clockwork City quest on the ESO PTS! This quest was not noted anywhere’s on the patch notes, and is the PTS for the Horns of the Reach dungeon DLC for Elder Scrolls online! How could I resist checking out a secret quest? You’re right! I couldn’t!

If you want to check out the Of Knives and Long Shadows Quest, check out the video below!

SECRET ESO CLOCKWORK CITY QUEST!!! Elder Scrolls Online PTS – Of Knives and Long Shadows Quest

Check out the video above for the quest. Yes, there ARE spoilers for the quest because I do the whole thing. It appears to be the “starter” quest for the upcoming Clockwork City DLC, like that starter quest we had for Morrowind.

Watching the video and wondering what all those journals say? Here they are!

Early ESO: Morrowind Livestream!

Hey! I have been fortunate enough to take part in the ESO: Morrowind Pre-Launch Livestream Event! I may be streaming randomly over the weekend, but do have one scheduled slot! Be sure to join in as the NDA will be lifted for participants in the event (me included). This means you will be able to ask me anything about the upcoming ESO: Morrowind chapter and I will be able to answer!

I do plan on hopping in some battlegrounds during stream as well. If you’d like to help out (and maybe even make a sneak appearance on stream!) be sure to hop on the PTS Friday night! I am guessing I’ll hop into battlegrounds about 11pm(ish) EDT! This will help ensure there are full teams for battlegrounds, for me and other streamers participating in this event!

I will not be doing any of the Vvardenfell main quests. I will be doing some side quests and exploring Vvardenfell, but won’t do any main story so that ensures there are no massive spoilers for you!

Oh, and a little side note… I will also have a copy of the Digital Collector’s edition of ESO: Morrowind to give away during the stream! (for any platform)

Date: May 19th
Time: 8pm EDT

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