Soloing a Clockwork City World Boss!

I was trying to figure out some crafting things, which involved getting the dailies done on the ESO Clockwork City DLC PTS! Well, of COURSE there are dailies to defeat the world boss.. and I was on at a super weird time. What better to do than just solo it?

Soloing The Imperfect World Boss in Clockwork City! ESO World Boss - Sanctuary of Verification

Let’s Play Orsinium Ep. 15 – Killing Urfon Ice-Heart

We finally are able to find Urfon Ice-Heart in this episode of Let’s Play ESO: Orsinium Edition! We have found a friend during our journey’s that was thankfully there during this battle. We also run into our first Orsinium World Boss thinking it was the next step of the quest! So much death. Fortunately, also the death of the Orsinium world boss Zandadunoz the Reborn.
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