Elder Scrolls Online Homestead Quest!

I’m on the PTS for Update 13 of Elder Scrolls Online, and the update is better known as Homestead! The homestead update is adding housing to the game! Yay! You can get a FREE inn room for each alliance by doing a quick quest… so I decided to check the quest out, and our room! Let’s take on the A Friend in Need quest!

How to Get Your First Home in ESO! A Friend in Need Quest - Elder Scrolls Online Homestead Apartment

Let me know your thoughts on homestead, and if you’ve seen the homes already… which ones do you plan on making yours?

Let’s Play Orsinium ESO – Ep. 25 – Bloody Knoll – Battle for Chief

We head to the Bloody Knoll to watch the chief contenders fight it out in this episode of Let’s Play Orsinium! Yazara also asks us to do something terrible, but it needs to be done… we are favoring the fight by replacing someones blade with a flawed one! Of course, who we favor is left up to us.
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Let’s Play ESO: Orsinium Ep. 23 – A Question of Succession

In episode 23 of Lets Play ESO Orsinium, we get another main story quest from King Kurog – In Name of the King. We need to recruit a bunch of clan chief’s to attend a moot. I go ahead and decide to try to recruit the chief of Shatul first! Well, it’s not just a matter of asking, we need to help the clan!
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