ESO: Morrowind – The little things I love!

As you know, some content creators were given permission to share some limited Morrowind content with you! Something I loved is looking at the furniture in Vvardenfell, especially seeing some new items (although not everything shown in necessarily new).

ESO: Morrowind – Does the story & questing hold a candle to Orsinium?

I was given the chance to share some limited Morrowind content with you! I decided the best thing to share is what I care most about, and that is the story and questing! I’m going ahead to compare ESO: Morrowind story and questing to the Orsinium DLC, which has been my favorite DLC so far.

ESO: Morrowind - Does it hold a candle to Orsinium? Story and Questing Review

How to Join the Dark Brotherhood Guild in ESO

Today I show you how to join the Dark Brotherhood Guild in ESO! This will of course also lead you to the Gold Coast in Elder Scrolls Online, specifically to the city of Kvatch!

How to Join Dark Brotherhood ESO DLC - How to get to Gold Coast in Elder Scrolls Online

Getting to the ESO Dark Brotherhood Questline isi pretty much exactly the same and the Thieves Guild DLC! You can get the first Dark Brotherhood quest from your collection screen, or visit your nearest Outlaw’s Refuge. Also, the main wayshrine in Kvatvh will be open for you to fast travel to – or you can fast travel to a friend or guild member!

I hope you enjoy Elder Scrolls Online Dark Brotherhood Guild! It’s going to be another amazing DLC!

How to Join the Thieves Guild in ESO

Well, my terrible terrible video about how to get to Orsinium really boomed, so I figured I should make a proper video on how to join the thieves guild in ESO! Of course, this video covers how to get to the thieves guild, how to get to Abah’s Landing and how to get to Hew’s Bane! Well, since it’s all kinda the same.

How to get to the Thieves Guild DLC ESO - How to join Thieves Guild in ESO Hew's Bane Abah's Landing

Hope you enjoy the Elder Scrolls Online Thieves Guild DLC! I sure am!

Some notes. Remember that the Thieves Guild DLC for Elder Scrolls Online isn’t only about the Thieves Guild! There was a tone of other changes done for the game, such as grouping tool overhaul, quality of life features, balancing of skills and more!