ESO: Morrowind – Does the story & questing hold a candle to Orsinium?

I was given the chance to share some limited Morrowind content with you! I decided the best thing to share is what I care most about, and that is the story and questing! I’m going ahead to compare ESO: Morrowind story and questing to the Orsinium DLC, which has been my favorite DLC so far.

ESO: Morrowind - Does it hold a candle to Orsinium? Story and Questing Review

First Impressions of Joe Dever’s Lone Wolf HD Remastered

So I read this book, er, I mean, played this RPG, uhm… maybe it was turn based… ack, I played Joe Dever’s Lone Wolf HD Remastered! This game isn’t actually new, although it was originally released for mobile in episodes, but now has been remastered, put together all into one game – and released for PC on Steam! I really enjoyed this game, although it may be a bit “slow” for some folks. It also has a lot of reading, as the story is what you are playing!

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Toby: The Secret Mine First Impressions

Today I check out a brand new game – Toby: The Secret Mine. This game is an indie game developed by one person! Crazy! It’s a puzzle platformer similar to games like Limbo or Type: Rider (word of mouth, I haven’t played those). It has neat graphics which music that fits every scenario perfectly! I really enjoyed the time I spent playing this game and do look forward to playing more of it!

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