Quick & Basic ESO Blacksmithing Guide

Here is my Quick & Basic Blacksmithing guide for ESO! In this guide I quickly teach you how to blacksmith in Elder Scrolls Online. ESO Blacksmithing is a bit different than Skyrim’s smithing craft so you’ll definitely want to brush up on these new smithing mechanics before you get too far!

ESO Blacksmithing Guide - Quick & Basic - How to blacksmith in Elder Scrolls Online

Blacksmithing in Elder Scrolls Online is how you craft daggers, axes, maces, heavy armor and more! ESO’s Blacksmithing craft is really useful so you’ll want to know all about it!

This guide is very short and basic, if you’d like to take a look at the skills in the Blacksmithing Skill Tree in ESO, or maybe find out about more metals check out my Extended Blacksmithing Guide!

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