Glass Motif Guide

Today’s super short guide is all about how to get the Glass Motif pages in Elder Scrolls Online! ESO allows you to craft items in different styles if you learn the motif, so here is how you can learn to craft the glass motif!

How To Make Glass Motif Pages in ESO - Elder Scrolls Online Glass Motif Guides - Fragments and Resin

To begin, you will need some glass style motif fragements which are acquired in the rewards for doing equipment crafting writs (clothing, blacksmithing and woodworking). Once you have 10 of the glass motif pages you need to head to your nearest mystic merchant to purchase Merethic restorative resin for 10000 gold!

Use the merethic restorative resin while you have at least 10 glass style motif pages in your inventory and you will craft a page!

The Glass motif page will be random, but it can be traded and sold to others players. You also have a VERY small chance to receive the whole book.

I hope this helped you on your journey to learn the Glass crafting style in ESO!

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