ESO Fishing Guide

Here is a quick guide on everything you will need to know about fishing in Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited! ESO Fishing is simple once you figure it out, it’s all about using the correct bait in the correct water type so you don’t end up with used bait!


ESO Fishing Guide - How to catch rare fish in ESO - How to get Perfect Roe in Elder Scrolls Online


Whether you are fishing in ESO to find Perfect Roe, fishing for fun, or fishing for the Master Angler achievement, this guide will help you! I cover all aspects of Elder Scrolls Online fishing, why you do it, how to do it, how to do it effectively and all sorts of cool eso fishing things!


Remembers folks, simple bait sucks!


Psijiic Ambrosia Recipe Guide:


Bait Guide:



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