Pokemon Go Fueled My Fire

Okay, for me it was PokemonGo, but I’m sure others have experienced it, with, well anything. Pretty much I left the internet for a week. I played PokemonGo just for me, I would go rollerblading every night. I was ahead for YT recordings so I just let them do their thing.. but I wasn’t recording any games, I wasn’t logging in to ESO (main game, guildmaster etc.), didn’t really tweet, and didn’t touch discord


I never MEANT to do it, but PokemonGo just took so much time, and made it not handy to use other apps on my phone.


I came back to the internet in time to read an email where I was allowed to pre-record content for a game’s embargo being lifted, and it wasn’t a small indie game. I was stoked!


I never worked so crazy fast in my life. I got tons of videos recorded, got stressed out, got happy, and just got a lot done but enjoyed it all the way.


I have since started releasing said game’s footage… The Elder Scrolls: Legends. I was invited  to the closed beta pretty early one so had heavily played it, but right before that email they did a wipe of everyone’s account.  I hope you enjoy it!


Now that I’m back from my PoGo vacation, I’m fueled up and on fire, wanting to make better content for you. I am working on same games behind the scenes, and hopefully when TES: Legends story mode ends, I’ll shoot right into another game.. and after that… right into Fallout 4!


I really do wish I could play games through faster and push more content out for you, but I need to be sure I take care of me. Although mini-vacations where I don’t even go anywheres definitely don’t hurt.


Oh, and by the way. I’m half addicted to ESL, soooo… plan on consistently making small videos for that. TES: Legends is perfect for little bite sized videos that really don’t take long to record, and require extremely minimal editing, so I should be able to keep’m coming!

Give me your 2 cents!