Undaunted Pledges Guide – Daily Dungeons

This guide is all about Undaunted Pledges in ESO! The Elder Scrolls Online Tamriel Unlimited has daily dungeons you can do, more commonly known as the pledges. The pledge system was overhauled in Update 12 (One Tamriel) so I figured it would be a good video to help people understand them.

ESO Undaunted Pledges Guide - Elder Scrolls Online Daily Dungeon Quest - Pledges in One Tamriel

I cover what the undaunted pledges are (daily group dungeon quest), when you can start getting them, and how to go about completing them!

Let's Play Skyrim

Let’s Play Skyrim – Episode 3 – Bleak Falls Barrow

Last Seed, 20th, 4E 201



Today I went to Bleak Falls Barrows.

It was as terrifying as Hadvar made it sound. Not only were bandits throughout the entire entrance, I also saw beasts I had never seen in my life! After defeating some bandits I witnessed a man be shot down by arrows. The arrows were from a trap! I quickly found some engravings on a wall that I could spin. After some more looking around I found engravings on the wall, so I spun the moving ones to match. Unfortunately I didn’t see the middle one, and was shot by arrows, but thankfully defended myself as I had seen what happened to the man before me. I quickly figured out my mistake and was able to make it through.

There was a lot of roots, and very little light throughout most of the barrows. I did also find some scrolls. These are a different type of magic though.. scrolls only work once. I heard a man yelling out, but the door was bound by spider webs. I used magic to break the webs open so I could get it. What a shock.

I couldn’t believe my eyes. There was a spider larger than the ones at Helgen! It was huge! A man was behind it, trapped in webs, yelling. With everything, being stunned by the size of the spider, hearing the mans screams, I was terrified and very shaken up. I may it through though. At times I just couldn’t do my magic so I resorted to an axe. Similiar to the sword I had to use to get out of Helgen. The man shouted out about the golden claw and I asked him for it. He couldn’t hand it over.. so I let him down, and he ran! I feel so bad, but I had to get what I was sent for. I used my magic to bring him down. All I heard in the hustle was something about owls and the claw. I wish he would have talked to me.. so I could have just taken the claw. He didn’t mention it opened something though, so once I had to claw I had to find out.

Delving deep into the cave, I came across skeletons, I believe they are called Draugr. So many of them, and they carried nothing but their weapon. There were also traps! I had to avoid buttons on the floor.. and swinging axes in hallways! I was so scared, but at this point my adrenaline kept me going. I did get to take in the beauty of a small waterfall though, it was pretty. I following it down through the rocks and even found a chest! It helped refreshed me for what laid ahead. Finally I came upon a door, which I noticed had an owl and a place where the golden claw would fit. I fumbled with the different dials and put the claw in the door. It didn’t work at first, but I did get it open! I sure wish I would have remembered what he said about the owl.. I once again encountered draugr and creepy dark pathways.. I just kept focused and kept going.

Finally, I reached a large open room. There was a chest there, and a huge wall with engravings. One of the engravings was glowing, and I could feel myself pulled into it.. so I moved closer. The word of power, I’m not sure what language it was, or why I understood it.. but I did. Power.. force, unrelenting force. I turned around to find the draugr overlord creeping out of a casket! I had to take many potions, but I was victorious in the battle. I quickly headed back through the cave, wondering how I understood the words on the wall, and excited to bring Lucierne his golden claw back. The trip to Riverwood was quick and uneventful. Not even a wolf out even though I was travelling very late. I came into town too late, so I slept a few hours at the inn before heading to the trading post. I returned the golden claw and was given his ultimate trust, and a pretty amount of gold. I feel good for helping him. Maybe there are others I can help. Hopefully I don’t need to head into another cave anytime soon though.


I returned the golden claw, after finding the secrets of bleak falls burrows. I’m not sure who to tell, so I won’t say anything to anyone yet. For my efforts I was given some gold and complete trust at the Riverwood traders!



I ran into a huge spider today. It was so scary. A man was screaming behind it so I became very flustered! Fortunately I am getting much better with my magic, so I was able to defeat it. As well, I ran into many things that looked like old skeletons, I believe they are called draugr. Many were very very tough and I’m not sure what I did that was the best way to take them down