Furniture Crafting Guide

Homestead is live for ESO, and it’s an exciting time for crafters! Furniture crafting had come to ESO and it’s pretty awesome! In this guide I’ll show you how to get the new materials (bast, clean pelt, regulus, decorative wax and alchemical resin), how everything tie to our current crafts (woodworking, clothing, blacksmithing) and how it is different from our current crafts!

Furniture Crafting Guide ESO - Elder Scrolls Online Homestead How to make Furniture

Master writs are also tied to furniture crafting, as the items you can buy with writ vouchers are not available otherwise in game. So get crafting and be sure to pick a character to learn all the crafts on! This will help with furniture crafting!

Better get to finding all the blueprints, formulae, design, diagram and patterns for eso furniture crafting!

Crafting Writs Guide

ESO Crafting Writs guide will teach you all about the daily crafting quest in Elder Scrolls Online! There are crafting writs available for all the crafting professions in ESO (woodworking, clothing, blacksmithing, provisioning, alchemy and enchanting) that grant you inspiration (xp), XP, gold and a satchel of goodies each day!

ESO Crafting Writs Guide - Elder Scrolls Online Crafting Writs! Daily Crafting Quest

In order to start crafting writs you need to be level 6 and certified! Get on that so you can get yourself cool things liker Psiijic Ambrosia recipe fragments, glass motif fragments, gold (legendary) upgrade materials and survey reports!

Crafting Research Guide – How to Research Traits

This new crafting guide is all about researching traits in ESO! In this crafting research guide we cover how to research, why you want to research, and what exactly researching does for you.

ESO Researching Guide - Elder Scrolls Online Trait Research, How to Research Traits


You will learn that in Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited, you need to research traits before you can craft with them. If you don’t know what all the traits are, or want to know what they do, but sure to check out my video traits guide as well!

Let's Play Skyrim Ep 1 by MissBizz

Let’s Play Skyrim Ep.1 – Crafting.. with a grinder?

Last Seed, 18th, 4E 201



Well, today Alvor taught me how to blacksmith! It makes me feel a lot more independent being able to craft my own weapons. I haven’t found anyone to teach me magic yet though.. and that’s really what I want to learn. After I helped Alvor in the forge, he even let me keep the helmet and dagger! I guess those pelts I kept were useful after all. I bumped into someone else.. told me about some Sven guy and Camilla. He could like he likes Camille. He asked me to bring her a note from “Sven”. I haven’t had a chance to read it yet, but I think after I do that I’ll decide whether I really do give it to her or not. It’s quite pretty here. The grass is green and I saw a river nearby. I’ll need to take a swim.



Alvor (Hadvar’s Uncle) asked me to warn the Jarl of Whiterun about the dragon. Jarl Ulgrif I think he said his name was


Miss Bizz Plays Skyrim – Ep. 1

Finally we get into really playing Skyrim! Not going to lie, I’m confused and lost a lot of this episode, so you won’t exactly be on the edge of the seat, but it’s so beautiful! Skyrim is also SO different to ESO.

In today’s episode I do a wee bit of crafting.. how odd that I have no idea what I am doing!
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