Written ESO Guides?

I’m looking to possibly put this site to a bit more use! Right now it’s essentially just a nicely sorted way to find my youtube video guides about ESO. As well, shows of my past and current Let’s Plays. I put up a twitter poll asking this and the response was quite clear.

I’ve attempted to have the website load a bit faster, so please let me know if you have noticed a difference! So far the site is VERY video heavy, so hopefully the changes I made help out.

Now, on to this. I’m considering starting written ESO guides! These guides could cover everything I currently have video guides for (crafting etc.) but I’m really wondering what you feel is needed! Let me know if you believe you would use my written guides, and if so, what you would like to see guides on!

2 thoughts on “Written ESO Guides?

  1. That’s a great idea! Although I’m not very good at that myself I definitely know of good resources for that!

  2. I like the optimized site. It loads pretty quick for me.
    How about a guide on investing Champion Points effectively for different roles? (Or about good resources to use for this, including your videos videos or maybe Woeler’s upcoming calculator?)

Give me your 2 cents!