Levelling your way to… Guides

As you likely know, Im not great at creating good builds. I do make my own, but it’s just for fun and they’re definitely not the best. Other people however, are fantastic at creating end game builds.

Oooh yeah…. End game.

So here is my idea. Would it be helpful to create a guide of when to take certain skills in preparation for these end game builds? Essentially I’d make a guide e planning what skills to take and when, so you have the necessary things unlocked and levelled by the time you can actually create the end game build. Though I would ensure it is new player friendly. This means I would make sure the skills on your bar are actually decent together (and fun!). More experienced players can put anything on their bars and be fine, but newer plyers don’t have that luxury.

Bizz Builds

I am also considering sharing the builds I make myself with you. As noted these wouldn’t be ‘meta’ or BiS, but fun builds I play with through the game. Would those be fun? Or pointless, since most people want the best builds?

2 thoughts on “Levelling your way to… Guides

  1. I would love a varied build guide! Elite end game builds are always interesting but there are many fun ways to play. I think there may be many players between “new” and “elite” that would appreciate your help too!

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