ESO Loot Boxes, Crown Crates, RNG Gambling Boxes in Elder Scrolls Online

ESO recently announced a ton of stuff for Update 12 coming to ESO this October, but they also mentioned a new addition to the Crown Store, RNG loot boxes that contain mounts, pets, costumes and more! What do I think?

ESO LOOT BOXES? RNG pets, mount and more in the Crown Store. My thoughts!

I for one do NOT like the idea of exclusive items being put in these lottery boxes. It’s just terrible.
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Goat Pet in ESO

MissBizz’s Reaction to Goat Pets in ESO!

Did you hear, some stranger saw a goat pet?!? I ought to buy them an ale!

It’s true! I saw a goat pet!

It all started on a normal Friday night.. I went out for supper, came home to enjoy some beverages and do my usual Friday night stream! I had no idea this would be such an amazing night! Here is my reaction to finding goat pets on the ESO 2.2 Orsinium DLC PTS server!

MissBizz's Reaction - Goat Pet - ESO 2.2 PTS Crown Store

Keep an eye out! I decided to do a First Impressions of Wrothgar and Orsinium, and have decided it would be a true first impressions, full of clips from my nights on the PTS!