SECRET Clockwork City Quest! ESO PTS!

I heard a rumour there was a secret Clockwork City quest on the ESO PTS! This quest was not noted anywhere’s on the patch notes, and is the PTS for the Horns of the Reach dungeon DLC for Elder Scrolls online! How could I resist checking out a secret quest? You’re right! I couldn’t!

If you want to check out the Of Knives and Long Shadows Quest, check out the video below!

SECRET ESO CLOCKWORK CITY QUEST!!! Elder Scrolls Online PTS - Of Knives and Long Shadows Quest

Check out the video above for the quest. Yes, there ARE spoilers for the quest because I do the whole thing. It appears to be the “starter” quest for the upcoming Clockwork City DLC, like that starter quest we had for Morrowind.

Watching the video and wondering what all those journals say? Here they are!

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