My Longest PvP Fight Ever!

For anyone that doesn’t know me… I don’t PvP. Why? I’m absolutely terrible at it, and overlevel like crazy, so I never wanted the extra XP. Well, as I’m sure everyone knows.. Imperial City is on the PTS and is coming to The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited for PC on August 31st! So of course I had to try out the PTS, report bugs I find, and give me feedback! After some time on the PTS, I started to get braver.. well.. I was out questing one night (eerrr… morning?) and ran into an enemy templar! I had just finished dungeons, couldn’t remember me bar, and even forgot to slot all my skills! I was also so focused on fighting for my life (and Tel Var stones) that I totally forgot about potions!

Longest PvP Fight Ever


By the way.. I lost. Although, I think I did damn good for a PvE’r!

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