Twitch Partner Push!

As you (hopefully!) know, I have moved my livestreams to Twitch only! After moving my live content to solely on twitch I did decide to accept affiliate status there! That means you can subscribe to me on Twitch which gets you the use of some cool emotes in chat as well a special rank and room unlock in my discord server!

Well, I’ve decided to take it farther! I’m pushing for partner!

I did actually get the achievement already that allows me to apply for partnership, and am crazy close to where I really believe I will be accepted. That’s what has caused this crazy idea to do a month long partner push!

So what’s different?

All during my partner push (month of November) I will be doing giveaways at set viewer counts! These will generally be set weekly, but can be different per stream. This means WAY more giveaways than normal!

What happens if I get partner?

If I get partner it means I’ll actually be able to allow you to use all those other cool Bizz emotes I have, and possibly change my emote prefix!! Being a partner allows more emotes depending on sub points, rather than only 1 emote per tier as I have now. Being a twitch partner will also ensure I always have transcoding available. This means I’ll be able to stream very high quality (1080 60fps) for those who have the internet that can handle it, but there will ALWAYS be lower quality options for those to watch with internet not as good. Plus of course a few other things such as better support.

Recap: Emotes, transcoding, better emote prefix.

If you’d like to help, it’s super easy! All you need to do is tune into my streams, and if you like, chat up a storm to welcome other new viewers! Sharing my stream link with people you know who may enjoy it or via social media would also be a big help!