New Website!



Welcome to my brand new website for all things MissBizz! Here you can follow along to see my latest ESO guides, read my Let’s Play character journal, learn about my real life, and more!


It’s still kinda sorta under construction.


You will notice that not all my ESO characters have profiles yet, and there generally is just a wee bit of content. Don’t worry, there will be lots to come!


Starting tomorrow Saturday October 3rd I will be starting to upload my Blind Skyrim Let’s Play! Along with every let’s play video I will also be writing out a blog post that is taken directly from my character’s journal!


I have also started to redo all of my ESO video guides!


I will be releasing a minimum of 3 video’s each week on youtube! This will be a mixture of my Let’s Play Skyrim and video guides! I am also looking for more suggestions on what beginner video guides you would like to see! Please leave a comment below with any and all suggestions!


Thanks for stopping by, and I hope you stumble in here again! As the site grows, so will the fun, stories, and knowledge!

Give me your 2 cents!