ESO+ Free Trial How To & 7 Top Tips!

If you do not have ESO+ you are able to pick up a free trial! The free trial is available from January 9th 10am EST and ends January 15th 10am EST! Be sure to grab it as soon as possible to make the most of it! I put together a video on how to activate the free ESO+ trial, along with my top tips on how to make the most of it!

ESO+ is the optional monthly subscription for The Elder Scrolls Online. To get it, you just need to head to the featured section during the dates I listed earlier, and click! What are my top tips to make the most of your free trial? Here’s the basics, watch the video for more details!

  1. Make sure the setting to auto-deposit crafting materials into your crafting bag is turned on. Now go log into all your characters and watch the magic of a cleaner inventory!
  2. Start the Dark Brotherhood DLC just to grab the blade of woe!
  3. Dye all your costumes!
  4. Either start the Thieves Guild DLC or just open up a thieves troves to unlock the ability to loot them forever!
  5. Visit the main city (or dungeons) of the DLC zones to get a cool new collectible!
  6. Open up your transmutation geodes! You now have double the space!
  7. Decorate your home, or at least store furnishings in your homes that can now hold double the furnishing amounts!

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