Wedding, marriage, schedule change and more!


That’s right, had the wedding and I’m married now! Though it’s entirely too hard to change my name everywhere.. so I’m the MrsBizz that goes by MissBizz now!

It was a blessing and a curse being away for awhile, but we shall carry on!

I’ll have an update on my plants soon. I acquired some already grown ones from my BFF/Maid of Honor, and some of mine.. well… died. That’s a post for another day though!

Today I want to talk about an upcoming schedule change for my youtube videos. I’m just going to be honest with you, I’m feeling a bit burnt out with Skyrim and Fallout, so it sometimes can feel like a chore to record them on the weekends. Yes, I record ALL my videos on the weekends. I also feel like it’s taking me too long to get through some ESO content, so that’s where the change happens.

Effective September 17th.. the new schedule will be…

Sunday – ESO guide or ESO Addon Spotlight if I have one or the other.

Monday – Friday’s stream will get uploaded as a video to watch

Tuesday – ESO: Morrowind

Wednesday – Fallout 4 OR Skyrim. They will alternate.

Thursday – ESO: Thieves Guild

Friday – Stream (alternating between all games I’m currently playing on the channel)

Saturday – ESO: Morrowind

This will make it so I get to play ESO a bit more.. and get through the content faster. I’ll also only have 1 of either Skyrim or Fallout to record each weekend (or 2 if I need to get extra done). I feel like I will enjoy this more, and if I get the itch to play more SKyrim or Fallout I can always bump it up again later!

Give me your 2 cents!