So, Let’s Try Minecraft sparked some “Will this be a let’s play??” comments not long after it went live. So I thought I’d give you a a little bone.


I’m already pretty sure I want to do a Minecraft Let’s Play.


Here’s my thoughts.


I’m thinking of doing a Let’s Play Minecraft Survival on Minecraft 1.9 that would be completely vanilla. No shaders, no texture packs, no mods. I also considered the fact Minecraft never actually “ends” so I would do it in seasons – with a goal. Currently, my idea for the “goal” of season 1 would be to build an acceptable base. It’s hard to explain exactly what this would be – but I’ll try. An acceptable base would be a multi-room house that is furnished. I also would like to be slightly self-sustainable – as in, have a decent farm, a “mine” for resources, maybe even a well! These also would need to be cosmetically acceptable to me. No dirt houses!


Obviously I also have very little experience with Minecraft, so I would consider it a blind let’s play, although I have already extensively googled it. Don’t worry, me googling about maps in minecraft doesn’t mean I’ll actually remember all the parts to make it 😉 Since it would be pretty much blind, and Minecraft is super sandbox-y, I would likely use achievements as guidelines on what to do next (more-so in the beginning).


So… what’s your thoughts??

Give me your 2 cents!