mApplinator’s guide to ‘gitting gud’ at DPS


I’ve spent a lot of time helping people improve their dps in ESO. Whether they want to qualify for vet trials, or want to finish veteran Maelstrom Arena, or just want to pull their weight in a dungeon, many people want to improve but are not sure how. So I’ve put together all the advice I’ve given out, in a format that builds from the ground up, exactly how to get the most out of your character.

My intention for this guide is not to push anybody into meta, or tell anybody that they suck and should gtfo. My intention is to inform, and attempt to dispel some myths or attitudes that keep people from reaching their full potential when it comes to damage in Elder Scrolls Online. I’ve also tried to stay away from specific builds and rotations. A lot of people just want to be told what to do, but I believe if people understand why they’re doing something, they do it better.

How much of this you take on is entirely up to you, and how much you should take on depends on what content you’re aiming to do. Many players don’t even know how to improve, and if nobody tells them what they don’t know, they’re trapped at their current level and won’t be able to move forward. My hope is that everybody will skim over the stuff they do know until they come across something they don’t, and that’s where the journey really begins.

I have a bad habit of over-explaining, so I’ve broken this down into parts (because it was ENORMOUS all together). I’ve included tl;drs where I can but I’d rather give too much information than not enough and then let people decide what’s relevant to them.

Damage and Character Stats

Gear Sets, Traits and Enchants

Skills and Rotation

There’s a huge amount of information in here – pretty much everything I’ve ever said to anybody who wanted to improve their dps. Consider as little or as much as you wish and try not to get overwhelmed. My recommendation would be to just pick one thing that you didn’t know before, and work on that. No one thing is going to suddenly boost your dps, but every piece is important. I pretty much just made chart this up, but this is about how much you should be worrying about each aspect of your build if you want to start pulling big numbers.

Remember that ultimately you decide how far you want to go. 5k dps is probably enough for normal dungeons. 10-15k will get you through most vet dungeons and be perfectly fine for normal trials. 20-25k for the DLC dungeons, particularly on hard mode and 20-30k for vet trials as they range in difficulty. You don’t need to minmax if you’re not doing hardcore content but you shouldn’t expect to be carried through content that’s above your level either.

If you’re looking for specific builds, Alcast has an up-to-date build for just about every class in both stamina and magicka. And if you have any specific questions about dps or ESO in general hit please me send me a message on reddit or Twitter.

PS. A big thanks to MissBizz for letting me upload this on her website! I’m not fancy enough to have my own…

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  1. Alcast certainly works hard and has a lot of good builds, however there are other good content creators out there. My vote is for He is a full time creator of builds, dungeon guides, as well as other things and streams on Twitch almost nightly. The builds are not the average “cookie cutter” type, can be chosen from “beginner” to “advanced” in use and are exhaustively researched and refined. I use five of his builds currently to great success. 😉

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