Finished ESO: Orsinium

We did it! We found out what lies Kurog had and save Wrothgar! Hopefully Wrothgar and Orsinium thrive from this point forward!


There was a lot of denial, confusion and threats in the ESO Orsinium playthrough. We started thinking we know what to do and who to trust but that was thrown for a loop multiple times!


At least we met Eveli! Eveli was sweet and when danger came her way I was afraid, but out little wannabe hero pulled through!


I didn’t find items for the museum, as I never did find the very first one! We did find a few of them in our travels that we were not asked to find yet though. I think in my off time I’ll be exploring Orsinium and finding those items for the museum! No rebuilt city should be without a proper museum!


Thanks for your support during this playthrough! I sure had a blast!


If you’re wondering what is next… I will be adding 1 extra episode per week to the Skyrim Let’s Play (Sunday), and the other 2 days I will be adding to my Let’s Try playlist which features one off episodes of me playing games and you can vote on if you would like to see a full let’s play! What comes after I’ve got a few of those out is a secret though!

Give me your 2 cents!