How to Join the Thieves Guild in ESO

Well, my terrible terrible video about how to get to Orsinium really boomed, so I figured I should make a proper video on how to join the thieves guild in ESO! Of course, this video covers how to get to the thieves guild, how to get to Abah’s Landing and how to get to Hew’s Bane! Well, since it’s all kinda the same.

How to get to the Thieves Guild DLC ESO - How to join Thieves Guild in ESO Hew's Bane Abah's Landing

Hope you enjoy the Elder Scrolls Online Thieves Guild DLC! I sure am!

Some notes. Remember that the Thieves Guild DLC for Elder Scrolls Online isn’t only about the Thieves Guild! There was a tone of other changes done for the game, such as grouping tool overhaul, quality of life features, balancing of skills and more!