Look! Even has a mojito on the box!

Bizz Gardening: Day 1 – Road to Mojitos!

So at my bridal shower we had a tupperware party (I love tupperware) and I saw their Zest ‘N Press gadget! WOW! That would be amazing for mojitos! Of course I have one on the way… but what about the mint? It’s a bit pricey to buy those little packages at the store, and they just aren’t fresh.

I’ll grow some mint!

Amazon prime day came around and there was a little starter kit for cocktail herbs, which of course included mint! I was also excited to see it had basil as I use that a lot when I cook! So I ordered up the Plant Theatre Cocktail Garden kit. By the way, I signed up for Amazon affiliates so the links to Amazon in this post are affiliate links, meaning if you buy something after clicking them I receive a small commission.

Look! Even has a mojito on the box!

Look! Even has a mojito on the box!

Oh, I’m terrible with plants. I had one once that I almost never watered, and it lived many years.. then my mom watched it for me for a few months and it died…

So this should be an experience!

Let’s get started shall we? Let’s get everything out of this box!

Everything from my Plant Theatre cocktail herb kit!

Everything from my Plant Theatre cocktail herb kit!

Alright, looks easy enough. I’ll just read over these… instructions? Okay it’s like 99% drink recipes and 0.5% instructions (and 0.5% blank space). Really?

Something isn’t right here…

Wait a moment.. where’s the basil?!? I didn’t get basil? Well, I got 2 Lemon Balm… hope it’s good. I need to soak these little discs so they expand… my mom always told me rain water is best, so hold on. I’ll run into my neighbours back yard and get some rainwater from their rain barrel!

Alright, let’s rip apart some fake dirt!

Fake dirt is now under my fingernails!

Mint is most important? Let’s plant it first!

Perfect! The instructions say to cover all the seeds with a thin bit of this fake dirt, but google tells me otherwise for mint!

Seemed easy, let’s do the rest!

Tada! I now have planted all 5! I emailed Amazon about the missing Basil Seeds.. so I’m hoping I get sent some.

All done!

If you’re looking to pick up this kit and grow it along with me, just click my affiliate link and we can go on this journey together! Plant Theatre Cocktail Garden Kit

I’ll keep you posted on any updates, hopefully that means they sprout!

Oh something it mentioned was covering in plastic? I’m wondering if I should put these in ziploc bags while they germinate?

If you have any tips for me, or have a gardening story of your own to share, be sure to leave a comment below!