Large Altmer House – Mathiisen Manor – Elder Scrolls Online Housing

I take you on a journey that is serene and relaxing… through the large altmer house Mathiisen Manor in Auridon! This is one of the many large houses available from ESO and it’s definitely a manor! I hope you enjoy the tour of this large altmer house as I preview the unfurnished and furnished versions!

Mathiisen Manor ESO House Preview - Detailed and Relaxing - Altmer Large House Elder Scrolls Online

The Mathiisen Manor is available in game for 1 025 000 gold. Crown price (furnished and unfurnished) are unknown at this time.

Elder Scrolls Online Homestead Quest!

I’m on the PTS for Update 13 of Elder Scrolls Online, and the update is better known as Homestead! The homestead update is adding housing to the game! Yay! You can get a FREE inn room for each alliance by doing a quick quest… so I decided to check the quest out, and our room! Let’s take on the A Friend in Need quest!

How to Get Your First Home in ESO! A Friend in Need Quest - Elder Scrolls Online Homestead Apartment

Let me know your thoughts on homestead, and if you’ve seen the homes already… which ones do you plan on making yours?