Let's Play Skyrim Ep 1 by MissBizz

Let’s Play Skyrim Ep.1 – Crafting.. with a grinder?

Last Seed, 18th, 4E 201



Well, today Alvor taught me how to blacksmith! It makes me feel a lot more independent being able to craft my own weapons. I haven’t found anyone to teach me magic yet though.. and that’s really what I want to learn. After I helped Alvor in the forge, he even let me keep the helmet and dagger! I guess those pelts I kept were useful after all. I bumped into someone else.. told me about some Sven guy and Camilla. He could like he likes Camille. He asked me to bring her a note from “Sven”. I haven’t had a chance to read it yet, but I think after I do that I’ll decide whether I really do give it to her or not. It’s quite pretty here. The grass is green and I saw a river nearby. I’ll need to take a swim.



Alvor (Hadvar’s Uncle) asked me to warn the Jarl of Whiterun about the dragon. Jarl Ulgrif I think he said his name was


Miss Bizz Plays Skyrim – Ep. 1

Finally we get into really playing Skyrim! Not going to lie, I’m confused and lost a lot of this episode, so you won’t exactly be on the edge of the seat, but it’s so beautiful! Skyrim is also SO different to ESO.

In today’s episode I do a wee bit of crafting.. how odd that I have no idea what I am doing!
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General all craft guide for ESO

General Crafting Guide

I have completed my very first crafting guide! This guide we go over all the crafts available in The Elder Scroll Online: Tamriel Unlimited. The general crafting video covers the basics of all the equipment crafts – blacksmithing, clothier, woodworking, as well as all the consumable crafts – alchemy, enchanting, and provisioning. Each craft will have a more detailed guide made specifically for it, so be sure to watch out for it!

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