Hey everyone! This is just a plain old blog, nothing too exciting.


As many of you know, I have started only streaming on Twitch on Fridays. For the time being that will be the only night I stream, and if I have time I’ll just randomly pop on once in awhile.


As well, as of today (okay, technically you won’t know for a couple hours yet) I am cancelling “The Cave” let’s play on YouTube. I have have ridiculous troubles trying to record that game (it’s not the games fault at all) so I’m just going to stop, step back, and take a breather. I currently will not be replacing it.


Essentially, I’m busy. This past week I spent a TON of time in ESO – just to play. I wasn’t streaming, I wasn’t recording, I was just having fun. It was anniversary week for anyone that doesn’t know, so we were eating cake that gave us a 100% XP buff. I had an absolute blast, but it also put me behind in recording and everything. Especially with trying to figure out my new setup!


Eek, and that new set-up. I have it all set up technically. It works, but it could work better so I have been spending a lot of time here and there tweaking with the mic, the mixer, and more.


I’m not going to try in a new series next month, nor will I add a new stream slot next month. I want to get caught up and feeling totally comfortable with the amount I am doing now before I move forward. I feel I was adding things in too fast before, not giving my schedule enough time to sink in and have to deal with difficulties.


On another note, I’ve had great fun with my ESO characters! I’m thinking we may have a nice relaxing questing stream this Friday 🙂

4 thoughts on “Life

    • I really do and am excited to record it with no issues next time! lol To be clear though, it wasn’t that game that was giving me issues. It was issues with my set-up that just happened to be whenever I recorded that game. The game itself doesn’t cause me issues.

    • Stardew Valley doesn’t really intrigue me actually. It’s definitely not a lack of games that is stopping me from making more videos though, got tons of games I’d love to play.

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