Builds and Guides

Hey! Just thought I would give you an update on what’s going on with my written guides and builds!

I’m in the final stages of finalizing everything on my magicka sorcerer build – Lightning Storm! You should be seeing this build video and guide within the next few days. If you’re a gamewisp subscriber to me, you will see it even earlier!

Thank you for all the support, we have reached 10 subscribers on gamewisp so as long as that stands, gamewisp subs will be geatting early access to my videos! If you’d like to enjoy that perk, just click the “support me” button in the sidebar, or click here.

As for written guides, I’m hoping to have one out by the end of next week. Realistically I’m shooting for much sooner, but I’m not sure how crazy my week will be! Once again, gamewisp subs will get a sneak peak at that early!

Hope you’re having a wonderful summer!

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