Day 4... I don't remember which plant

Bizz Gardening: Day 5 – Sprouts!

It’s only day 5 of my gardening to mojitos journey and we already have sprouts! This is looking good! I actually intended to put a post up yesterday, but didn’t have time. Bit glad I waited as we had more plants sprout today!

So one of the herbs I had never heard of in my Plant Theatre Cocktail Kit was Blue Borage, and it was already sprouting yesterday!

That was on day 4, and yeah… I thought they were molding, but they were definitely sprouting! Let’s take a look at the Blue Borage from today!

Blue Borage - Day 5

Oh boy, there’s quite a lot…

That’s not all though! On day 5 we have a TON of things sprouting!

Unfortunately, my little mint plants have yet to make an appearance. I still have hope for my mint though, as google says it could take 2 weeks for them to germinate and sprout!

Mint Day 5

Go little mint, go!

So far I’m quite pleased that so much has sprouted, but oh my there’s a lot of seeds in each and it looks for the most part that a ton are germinating!

I think I’ll be looking for pots to put these in soon, as well some soil! Have any suggestions? Leave it in the comments below!

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